• Marwan Kayyali | guitar - Abu Dhabi

  • Ahmad Kayyali | guitar - Dubai

  • Zed Amarin | drummer- Los Angeles

The name Esodic derives from a medical term describing a condition in which the nerves attack a body’s center- this imagery sets the theme and function of this Arab thrash metal band born and bred in the underbelly of Amman, Jordan. Inspired by legendary old school thrash and death metal bands Slayer, Testament and Kreator - guitarists Nour and Marwan shaped the sound of their future band into a solid foundation of thrash. Esodic officially formed in 2003 when Ibrahim Qaisi joined as drummer and Matt Kurd on vocals and bass.

Joined by their insatiable obsession with metal along with the anger and frustration of social and political strife of their world, the band became a regular fixture in the underground music scene of Amman. Esodic quickly stood out from other local bands, distinguished by their own style of fast-paced, loud thrash metal. They began booking gigs and forming a solid loyal following throughout Jordan. Unfortunately at the time, gaining attention for any counter-cultural activities was no small matter and often came with great repercussions. Members of the band were regularly arrested, harassed and detained on multiple occasions. Underground shows were often cancelled and raided. These shows and gatherings were a threat to the central nervous system of the government officials afraid of an esodic backlash - a matter which only pushed the countercultural scenes and artists to stand stronger, smarter and play louder.

The group started composing their own music in late 2003. Their first great success came from their first demo release entitled “Coverless Truth”, featuring the single “Dawn of Victory which shook the whole metal community in Jordan and the rest of the Middle East, as people were not accustomed to the unique style of thrash/death metal they had been working on. Shortly thereafter, original drummer Ibrahim departed the band, his position soon filled by Zed Amarin. As a skilled drummer, Zed’s high energy and enthusiasm for the band’s driving sound gave Esodic a much needed motivational boost.

In 2005, the ball got rolling for Esodic when a well known international music competition - The Global Battle of The Bands - was organized in Amman. Previously forced to play strictly underground, this was the band’s chance to play publicly and show the country what they were made of and had to say. Within just the first round, Esodic had destroyed the stage, receiving massive praise and positive feedback on their unique sound and onstage presence from both the crowd, viewers and judges. Not only did the band find themselves all the way to the final stage, but also backed by the highest number of fan votes from all around the capital. In the end, Esodic came in second after another local band, the experience nonetheless proving their legitimacy as a force to be reckoned with in the Middle Eastern music scene at large.

After Battle of the Bands, Esodic experienced a short lull when co-founder of the band and guitarist Nour departed from Esodic. He was quickly replaced by Ahmad Kayyali, whose technical style of guitar proved a greatly welcomed boost of complexity and power to the band's new compositions that were underway. The band was back on track with a new solid lineup and reverberating sound of their own. Esodic continued to play local shows until 2008, when an Jordanian Intelligence Department raided a show, sentencing the organizers to jail time. After this incident, the scene was shut down and remains quite dead until this day. 

By 2010 due to a combination of life circumstances and political unrest including the Arab Spring, all the members disbanded to different parts of the world. Just before disbanding, they released a split record with Tampa-based death metal band, Generichrist on Deathstar Records.  

In 2015, drummer Zed Amarin relocated to Los Angeles, gathering all of Esodic’s recorded material for mixing and mastering in preparation for their first EP, Mirrors of Disgrace. The material on Mirrors of Disgrace was written and recorded over a period of 6-8 years from the depths of their individual and collective experiences of sociopolitical upheaval and chaos, leading upto the Arab Spring. Though the members had disbanded, they had all agreed that this was an important snapshot that needed to be released. Their debut EP, Mirrors of Disgrace was self-released in February 2018, available on all streaming platforms including Spotify, iTunes.

In 2019, Esodic was booked to play Metal Days Festival in Slovenia, bringing the band together again. They are currently working on a new full length album with plans for release in 2020. 


EU - Rok Klemše (rok@rockline.si)

US - Zed Amarin (zeidamarin@gmail.com)